the parable of the popcorn maker

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The Parable of the Popcorn Maker

Life everlasting is like popcorn in a popcorn maker.  Kernels of popcorn are placed inside of a container to which oil is added. Heat is then applied until the popcorn pops and overflows the container which is scooped up and consumed by whosoever will. The container with the popping activity resides inside a case marked by the word "popcorn".

This is the meaning: The popcorn kernels are the word of God that are taken into heart of man represented by the metal container (Rom.10:8). The oil and the heat are activity of the Holy Spirit (Luke 24:31-32). The popping of the kernels is the quickening of God's word inside of a believer unto understanding and wisdom (Col.1:5-6, 9, Jn.7:38-39) that then flows up from the heart and out of the mouth for the benefit of others that they too might hear and believe and so be saved (Matt.13:23, Rom.10:10).

The cart and glass encasement of the container is the body of the believer whose outward observable life should be consistent with God's living word on the inside. It should marked, "Word of God" (Phil.1:27, Eph.4:1).