The God of Israel is Real, Christmas carol

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The God of Israel Is Real

The God of Israel is real

And to His own came He to reveal

The light and life of God's sole way

Where souls escape the sting of the grave

"O come! O come!" The God of Israel

Yet calls to thee, O Israel


The God of Israel is real

And in His law and prophets did conceal

The healing of all nations, now giv'n,

By One who would be born in Bethlehem

O  come! O come! Ye peoples of the world

Receive your King, the God of Israel


The God of Israel is real

And at His second coming will unseal

His right for all dominion under heav'n

And crush the power of Satan, death and sin

O come! O come! Thou King of Israel

Before Thee all creation will kneel

words by Steve Popovich 2012
music from a 15th century plainsong