All that Thrills My Soul, Christian hymn, lyrics, guitar chords, midi, tabs, play alongs

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All That Thrills My Soul


             G                                                           Am7  D7sus4

    Who can cheer the heart like Je--sus,

D                                                G    

By His presence all divine?

      G                                                      Am7  D7sus4

True and tender, pure and pre--cious,

D                                                    G   

O how blest to call Him mine!


G               B7               Em         B7  Em
All that thrills my soul is Je--sus,
A7                                          D  
He is more than life to me;
G                                           Am7    D7sus4
And the fairest of ten thou--sand
D                                               G   
In my blessed Lord I see.


Capo up two frets for the below piano version