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           How Righteousness Works
from the greek word dikaio)

Simply put, righteousness is the expression of the ways of God's heart. Of particular importance to we fallen earthlings is the portion of God's ways that has reached us through His written word.

For one to be righteous in God's eyes, one must match up perfectly with God's word---like a hand and glove, or like the glass slipper and foot of Cinderella.  

Behold, You desire truth in the innermost being
Ps . 51:6

If at any any point we miss the mark and fall outside of the pattern lines of God's word, we are unrighteous in God's sight.

There is only One who walked in a human body whose every movement of heart and mind was a perfect fit with the ways of God's word, and that was Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Those who accept Christ as savior become clothed in His righteousness, as Noah was "clothed" in the ark, and we are born anew in Christ---to a place where we can grow in the ways of God's heart.



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