Join all the Glorious Names, chords, tabs , midi, key of G

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Join All the Glorious Names

        G                      Em  
  Join all the glorious names
   C                           D   

Of wisdom, love, and power,
           G      Em          A     
That ever mortals knew,
             A7      D  A7  D        
That angels e-ver bore:
         C   D7     Em        C                          
All are too mean to speak His worth,
         Am       Am7       C  D     G    
Too mean to set my Savior forth.

Great prophet of my God,
My tongue would bless Thy name,
By Thee the joyful news
Of our salvation came,
The joyful news of sin forgivín
Of hell subdued, and peace with Heavín.

Jesus, my great high priest,
Offered His blood, and died;
My guilty conscience seeks
No sacrifice beside:
His powerful blood did once atone,
And now it pleads before the throne.

Be Thou my counselor,
My pattern, and my guide,
And through this desert land
Still keep me near thy side:
Nor let my feet eíer run astray
Nor rove nor seek the crooked way.

Words: 1709 by Isaac Watts
Music: Darwells 148th 1770 by John Darwall