Once Upon a Time, salvation song

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Once Upon a Time



Once upon a time

When all the stars were singing

Before the earth beheld its light

He who did declare

The end from the beginning

Ordained a walk to Calvary’s night


He saw a broken heart

And cords of every sinner

Fixed upon a lonely tree

And flowing to the ground

He saw a crimson river

Washing over you and me


For God so loved the world
He gave his only Son
To whosoever would believe
That they would perish not

But have eternal life

To whosoever would believe

To whosoever would believe


Once upon a time
heart so torn in sorrow

Led to die his only son

O mended hearts arise

Behold the joy that follows

The golden crowns of glory won

 Sung by Vickie Durand and Jamie Bondi
© 2002  words and music by Steve Popovich