Heavenly Family Tree of Life

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Take Ye and Eat of this Body of Life

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Take ye and eat of
this body of life;
Broken by hands of heaven;
Torn for the wretched
In bonds of the night, 
But risen as One we now dwell in


Thank we the Father
of Lights from above,
Who giveth eternal seed,
Of a heavenly family tree

Cursed are the children
 Of Adam's felled race;
Restless in death's desolation
Blessed are the faithful
 Restored by His grace
And hidden in God's habitation


Light of the branches
Is love of the Vine
Illuming with life,
for those with eyes to see,
Our heavenly family tree!

Forward we lean
Pressing to seek Thy face,
Tracings of Thee,
Knowing, growing, showing a heavenly
tree of life

(1Jn.3:2-3, 2:29, 2:3-6)

O Stretch out our hearts
That the love of the Vine
Might in us be used for its glory
Mute all the longings
Of ways left behind
That we undivided adore Thee

Voices in vessels
With grace overflow
Cascading the River of Life,
to those with ears to hear,
Of a Heavenly Family Tree

Words: 2014 by Stephen Popovich
Music: 2002 by Stephen Popovich (Heights of Gilead)